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When to Call Us for Well Pump Repair?

Uninterrupted access to clean and safe water is essential for every home—and at Raymond Brown Well Company, that's what we have been ensuring for homes in North Carolina and Virginia since 1977. But even with the best installation, well pumps can sometimes run into problems because of regular use over time. Knowing when your well pump needs repairs is essential to maintain your water supply. These are some signs to watch for and when to reach out to Raymond Brown Well Company.

Is your water pressure acting up?

The water pressure in your home should be consistent. If you notice that your water pressure is fluctuating—sometimes strong, sometimes weak—this could mean a problem with the pump or the pressure tank. It is important to maintain a steady water pressure for your daily comfort and to keep your plumbing in good condition.

Do you hear strange noises from your pump?

Your well pump should run quietly. But if it starts making unusual sounds, like grinding or humming, these could be signs that parts inside the pump are wearing out, or the pump is working harder than it should. Blockages or a failing motor could cause this.

Are your faucets spitting water?

When you turn on the tap, you expect a steady stream of water, not sputtering or spitting. If air is mixed in with your water, this often points to a problem with the pump not pulling enough water or a valve not working correctly.  

Is your pump running all the time?

Your well pump is designed to cycle on and off to maintain water pressure. But if you notice that the pump is running all the time, it is probably struggling to keep the water pressure where it should be. Not only does this mean it is using more electricity, which you will notice when you see your energy bill, but it could also mean your pump is failing.

Have you been finding sand or silt in your water?

We all want clear, clean water. But if you start seeing sand, silt, or other particles in your water, it could mean that the well is pulling in sediment. This can make your pump wear out faster and cause blockages, affecting your water quality and possibly damaging your plumbing and appliances.

Have your electricity bills gone up?

If your electricity costs have risen and you don’t know why, your well pump might be using more power than it should, which means higher bills for you.

Contact Raymond Brown Well Company Today!

If you notice any of the above issues, get in touch with Raymond Brown Well Company immediately. We can identify and fix the root of the problem, ensuring that your water supply is as reliable as you need it to be. Call us at (336) 593-8239 today to learn more about our water well services!

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